A place to give a gift that will last a lifetime.

Experiences create lasting memories that inspire someone's life.

Lets all Flori: A platform for the people and purposes you care about.

About Us

Flori's vision is to promote the gifting of experiences to people rather than material things.

It is a place to join and create memories, live responsibly and care for people and the environment. This is a place where we will help each other build self-esteem, skills and knowledge. We push each other towards increasing happiness, as getting us closer to the ones we love. We help communities by building memories.

Join us and Make your Dreams Flori!

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How it works

Build a registry for a loved one or for yourself. Invite your friends, family and community to join and Make your Dreams Flori!


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Memories Last Longer than Material Goods and experiences make us happier, it is vital we work together to help our communities, environment and ourselves flourish with Flori.

These are a collection of posts meant to improve your knowledge of Flori, the importance of experiences and community and sharing our opportunities through crowdfunding.

Why Experiences Matter imageRead more
  • Zero waste

Why Experiences Matter

Experiences are central to learning how to be happy. Without them we don't create the memories that guide us towards a fulfilled life.

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  • Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding for Experiences

Crowdfunding has expanded and is making our dreams come true.